Buy tickets and track your bus with myTrip

Download the app now and start your journey!

Buy tickets and track your bus with myTrip


Get real-time bus locations, and cashless ticketing in one simple app…

We’ve made our bus services easier and much more convenient. Our new mobile app, myTrip, aims to improve your journey by giving you information on incoming buses and mobile ticketing.

Simply download myTrip by passenger for iOS or Android – it only takes a minute from your app store or – and you can get fast, easy access to cashless payments, ticket gifting and vehicle information.

Know where your bus is with real-time bus tracking!

Know where your bus is and have occupancy information at your fingertips. We are giving you the information you need to plan your journey with confidence and ease.

As well as cashless payments, you can also gift tickets to friends and family. Download myTrip to your phone and start enjoying a more intuitive bus service today.

Your ticket on your phone....

Buy a day, week or month ticket in the app, have one gifted to you or gift a ticket to others!

- Choose TLC Travel from the Mobile Tickets section

- To redeem a gifted ticket enter the gift code OR choose your ticket

- At checkout, select if the ticket is for you or a gift for someone else

- Pay and be on your way with secure, cashless tickets!

Start your journey with myTrip!


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